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Pink Opal, Thulite, and Rose Quartz Crystal Ring Size 8

Pink Opal, Thulite, and Rose Quartz Crystal Ring Size 8

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Opal: Strongly associated with feelings of love and passion, opal amplifies one’s emotional desires while inspiring creativity and originality. Opal encourages one to release negative emotions and replace them with positive ones, thus strengthening relationships and promoting loyalty. Thulite: known as a stone of expression and passion, giving people the confidence to speak and perform in front of others. A great choice for introverts, this stone can increase self-confidence and make us more outgoing. Rose Quartz: With its ability to open and purify the heart, rose quartz is the most powerful stone for attracting love and peace. Working from the inside out, it has profound calming abilities, promoting acceptance and love of one’s self. Furthermore, rose quartz helps one to both give and receive love, allowing one to perceive beauty of all kinds.


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