Q: What materials are used?


•All silver necklaces and pendants are solid Sterling Silver

•All gold necklaces and pendants are Gold Filled. 80% 14k Gold / 20% Bronze Mix. Picture it as a liquid in a bowl all mixed together. So the same material through and through. This process strengthens the soft gold and keeps it from tarnishing over time.

•Our Druzy and Resin stud earrings are a nickel and led free plated brass

•Our large earrings have either a sterling silver or gold filled ear wire with a rhodium plated brass charm, making them very lite for the ear.

•All rings are solid sterling silver

•Bangles are nickel and led free plated brass

•Candles, Melts, and Bathbombs are listed on packaging.


Q: Can I get this ring in a different size?

A: All metal rings we offer in sizes 6-9. Most crystal rings are offered in just one of each design. Being sterling silver, most rings are resizable however this is not a service we offer in house.


Q: Who makes everything?

A: We work with many different artisians from all around the world to curate offerings that fit the overall Phases brand.


Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes. Nationally and Internationally.


Q: Do you make custom pieces

A: We do not.


Q: If I bring you a ________ can you make something with it?

A: No. We don’t take in any outside materials because we cannot replace sentimental value in the event of any issues.


Q: Do you repair jewelry?

A: We will try our best to repair any Phases pieces, we do not work with any outside pieces. This is determined case by case.


Q: How do I clean my jewelry?

A: We have micro fiber cloths available for at home cleaning.


Q: Would you like to make a donation?

A: We are very happy to have worked with so many great organizations over our time. We consider all donations individually. We are also happy to discuss private shopping events with a % towards your charity. 


Q: What is a Wine & Shine Party?

A: Its as much fun as it sounds. We turn the store into a private shopping experience for you and your guests. You’ll receive a gift for hosting and credit towards jewelry or your charity for what ever your guests spend.


Q: What is the “Wish List”?

A: Everyone could use a little help. Eyeing something and have special occasion coming up? We will contact your special someone and make the process a little easier on them.


Q: Is this the stuff I saw at _________?

A: Common events we attend:

•Troy Farmers Market 

•Schenectady Greenmarket 

•River Fest

•Tulip Fest

•Lark Fest

•Art On Lark

•Empire State Plaza Concourse

•Womens Expo

If not listed, Quite possibly, Phases does about 260 events each year.


Q: Can I purchase just the chain or pendant?

A: Yes. Please use the contact form to discuss options.


Q: Return Policy?

A: We will gladly exchange any unworn jewelry within a two weeks of original purchase. 


Q: Anything not answered here.

A: Please use our contact form to ask directly.